Junk Removal in Camas

Junk Removal in Camas is eco-friendly with Junkahaulics.

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Recycling & Eco-Friendly Disposal

Junkahaulics goes the extra mile when it comes to being environmentally friendly. When we load up your unwanted items, we recycle or donate whenever possible, allowing us to reduce the amount of waste we take to the landfill. Above all, we want to help the residents of Camas get rid of their unwanted junk in eco-friendly ways!

What To Expect

Setting an appointment with Junkahaulics couldn’t be easier.

  • First, schedule your appointment online or by calling (503) 260-4914.
  • When our team is on the way, we’ll let you know!
  • Once we have seen the junk that needs to go, we will give you a free quote for removal.
  • Then you give us the go-ahead and we haul all that junk away!
  • When all is said and done, you will be glad you called on Junkahaulics to get the job done right!
How To Get Started

Dial (503) 260-4914 to speak with a junk removal expert now. You can also click Book Now and choose your preferred appointment time using our handy online tool. No matter how you reach out, the Junkahaulics team is ready and waiting to serve you! Same-day appointments are available, so call us today!

Junk Removal in Camas

Junkahaulics provides the residents and business owners of Camas with a range of junk removal and demolition services.

Junk We Remove

When you have junk that has overstayed its welcome, then call on Junkahaulics to show it the way out! We can remove household junk, furniture, hot tubs, construction debris, and more. You don’t even have to haul it to the curb first, because our junk removal is full-service! To be clear, we will remove it from ANYWHERE in your home or on your property. Simply show us what needs to go and we will do the rest!

Concrete Removal & Demolition

We don’t stop at just hauling off junk. The professionals at Junkahaulics also do demolition! That means we tear down your old shed, take apart your waterlogged deck, and remove your unused swing sets from any spot in your yard. Once it’s down, we load up the debris, clean up the mess, and leave you with a fresh new space. In addition, we can also remove concrete— that’s a job that you’ll be glad you didn’t DIY!

Schedule Service Online


Schedule Service Online


Questions About Junkahaulics

Questions About Junkahaulics

Want to know more? Call our specialists today at (503) 260-4914 or contact us directly to start an email correspondence. Our team is professional, courteous, and ready to explore any concerns you may have.